Get the check in the apartment, which is your property. To do this, take your passport and certificate of ownership and come to the passport office. You will need to complete the application for registration, after which your passport will be stamped with a stamp indicating the place and date of design registration. Also your data is entered in the house book, which contains information about all spelled out in your apartment. Such registration will be deemed to be permanent and perpetual.
If you rent, get written consent of all owners of housing. Then, together with him and the passport come to passport service and get a paper confirming your temporary registration. Usually it is given to you for the term of the lease. Together with the interim you have the option to save and permanent residence in another place, if you have it. Similarly, you should issue a check to those who live in the dormitory. They must apply to the commandant, who is engaged in registration of such securities. This residence permit is usually issued for the academic year and is renewable if you in the next course again move into the dorms.
Please contact one of the special firms which are engaged in registration. For an additional charge, will be able to simplify for you the process of obtaining documents. But be careful when dealing with them. You may come across scammers who use fake stamps and invalid information in their work. For using fake registration liability may be imposed on you.
If you live in the Moscow region, will arrange local residence. It gives you unlimited time on the territory of Moscow, and the majority of employers will consider your candidacy along with was in Moscow.