You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the application form;
  • - detachable slip with the statement if you solve all the issues at a future new residence.
For withdrawal from registration at the current place of residence, it is sufficient to contact the housing office or Department of the Federal migration service (depending on your location) and tell pasportistam about his desire to withdraw from the register.
You will be asked to complete an application form in the prescribed form, which you together with your passport to give to the employee housing Department or the FMS.
Three days later, pick up your passport with stamp on deregistration and the piece of departure.
With these documents you go to the housing office or the local office of the Federal migration service at the new place of residence.

Additionally, you will need to provide grounds for registration at the place of residence: certificate of housing ownership, the contract of social hiring, gratuitous use of premises, the order to the universe, etc.
You will be given an application form on registration upon place of residence in the prescribed form. Fill it up, give together with other documents to the passport guy and at the appointed time, take away the passport with a stamp about registration at a new address.
If you prefer to complete all the formalities immediately at the new address, you come with the passport and documents confirming the right of occupancy in new housing, the local housing office or territorial body of the FMS.

Together with the application for registration at the new place of residence you will be given your coupon to him. Complete the forms and return it to the passport guy along with other documents. And in due time come for a passport.