You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Call you are interested in number of phone. If it is not registered in the system for a long period of time, your calls will be answered by the answering machine, informing you of the impossibility of making a call to the subscriber. Sometimes when calls are made into the inactive numbers answering machine informs you that the number is not registered in the system. This is quite convenient, because you do not have to wait a long time.
Send a TEXT message on the room in order to find out if it is registered, any subscriber with at the moment. Also not very convenient way, because a person can simply for a long time not to use a SIM card, however, the room has a certain period of inactivity, after which it is removed and entered into the subscriber database the free. For the greatest likelihood of receiving the report in the case of registration number in the network install before sending the SMS message, the maximum waiting period in the settings of your phone.
Use the online service Select the menu option check the room phone, enter it in the appropriate form according to the rules spelled out below, and then press the Enter key and read the search results. If a SIM card registeredthen you will appear on the screen information about where it was recorded on the subscriber and to which operator this number phone belongs to.
If you want to know if you have a landline phone, contact the help Desk in your city or browse the Internet for information about a particular room on the website However the data are very outdated.