Advice 1: How to check phone for authenticity without assistance

Despite the fact that mobile phones today are available to almost everyone, much of it is still imported via the "grey, semi-legal schemes. Often this is due to the fact that the importing company seeks to capitalize on them as much as possible while expending minimal resources. In the end imported so the phone is cheaper but does not have any warranty from the manufacturer.
How to check phone for authenticity without assistance

"Grey" phone and its shortcomings

Due to the fact that when importing a "gray" phone company-the importer does not pay customs duties, the cost is 30-40 or even more percent lower than that of the "white" of the device. But low cost is the only advantage of the "gray" tube. When you buy a "gray" phone you are completely deprived of the opportunity of service in the official service centers. Also it is not subject to corporate guarantee of the manufacturer. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown of the phone or damage to any items you have simply to throw out your purchase.

Is it possible to check the phone for authenticity yourself?

Most phones are sold "with hands", through ads in the Internet. So to avoid future problems with the device, just do not purchase it from questionable sellers. Buy only in specialty stores of famous brands, which give the phone the official guarantee. But if you for some reason distrust even belong to the big salons, you can inspect the phone for authenticity yourself. It's quite easy and takes only a few minutes.

The easiest way to check the phone to authenticate independently

To make sure that the purchased phone is not grey, you need to do a series of simple actions. First dial *#06# and press "enter". On the screen appears a long digital number – the so-called IMEI code. It is an international number of this phone, given by the manufacturer. However, his first six characters will indicate the number of the particular series; the next two digits code the country of origin; the next six digits are encrypted serial number. Closes the IMEI number of the so-called reserve – a reserve or control number, laid by the manufacturer for authentication of the device.

All you have to do to check the phone for authenticity alone – to compare the IMEI number on the rear panel of the purchased unit, just behind the battery. But pay attention not to the first eight and last six digits. The "white" phones that they always coincide with the IMEI, which you saw earlier on the screen. That's all the verification of the legality of the device is complete!

Advice 2: How to check phone for when buying

When buying a phone , there is a danger run into a factory defect in any of its elements. To minimize this risk, please check the phone not only existing capabilities but also on its good physical condition. Follow these tips that will help avoid many troubles.
How to check phone for when buying
One of the most common defects is the creaking of the hull. Pressing in various places on the body of the phone, especially the volume keys and lock at the ends of the apparatus.
If your phone has a stylus check stylus must be firmly "sit" in the appropriate box and do not fall out when you shake the device.
You should also check the screen of the phone. Turn on the machine, inspect the screen for problem pixels to do it, you may have no special photos with different colors, because you can insert your memory card may not be allowed.
Carefully check the operation of all keys on the keyboard, for example, typing test sms message. All the buttons should respond on the first tap, otherwise there may be problems with the contacts.
Insert the sim card and check the quality of speaker and microphone by simply calling it.
Inspect the contents of the phone, check it with the user manual supplied with the machine, ask to swap the box if it detects the absence of something.
Finally, check all the documents that came with your phone, carefully read the warranty. If you know how to find IME to buy the phone, compare it with the IME on the box.

Advice 3: How to check medicine for authenticity

In connection with the development of the pharmaceuticals business in the present there is such an abundance of medicinal items, understand that it is difficult even for the doctor. In recent years, from the media we learn information about counterfeit medicines. Treatment with this drug may prove to be, at best, simply useless. In the worst case may develop unpleasant side effects. Therefore, before taking the medicine, you need to verify its authenticity.
How to check medicine for authenticity
When buying medicine, note the active substance of the drug and the composition, namely they determine the therapeutic effect and side effects.
Try to buy drugs known pharmacological companies, which reliability and long existence in the market and will be a kind of guarantee of the quality of the drug. Therefore, when buying be sure to read the name of the campaign which produced the cure. If the drug has no brand name, and annotations are given only active ingredient — you got the usual generic. It is a cheap drug analog, and its effectiveness may be questions.
How to check <strong>medicine</strong> <b>authenticate</b>
Consider carefully the packaging of the drug. Be sure to check the expiration dates drugs are necessary. With embossing the name of the medicinal product and name of manufacturer should be located on the packaging or on the blister with the capsules or tablets, but on tablets needs to be applied to certain accepted signs. If you repeatedly acquire the same medication, you will be easy to distinguish its original packaging. If you notice changes in color, font, location, font, figures, or other details, call the office of the manufacturer and find out if changes in design, and should look like the packaging of this drug at the moment.
How to check <strong>medicine</strong> <b>authenticate</b>

Advice 4: How to check the authenticity of telephone Nokia

Cell phone company Nokia, like other phones of famous brands are often counterfeited. However, there are a few simple ways to detect whether your phone is real or not.
How to check the authenticity of telephone Nokia
Use the Internet to find detailed description of the model of your phone. The best option is to search overview with photos and videos so you'll be able to most consider in detail the apparatus from the point of view of possible counterfeiting. Differences should not be in principle - the resolution of the screen, the menu items color and shape of the housing, camera and all other functions must be identical both technically and visually.
Behind the back cover of the phone, under the battery, should be Rostest sticker, and a sticker of conformity to communication standards. If they are absent, it is sufficient grounds to suspect that your phone had either been imported into the territory of Russia illegally, or is a fake.
Turn off your phone and remove the back cover. Under battery will be IMEI number. Copy it, then return the battery and close the cover. Turn the phone on, then enter the keyboard combination *#06#. Visvedevas compare the numbers with those that you recorded. If they match, then your phone is original, otherwise it is a forgery.
Go to"> Find a contact service Nokia Care and contact in order to verify your IMEI number. You can phone them at the contacts, or, what is more reliable to write them an email. Keep in mind that the IMEI number is located behind the battery.
Useful advice
To distinguish between "black" and "grey" fake phones. "Gray" phones - phones that were smuggled into the country illegally, that is not passing certification, but it is quite usable. "Black" phones were not only smuggled, but also have low build quality, only vaguely resembling the original models, their maximum operating time - six months.

Advice 5: How to verify the authenticity of pearls

Many tourists, being in the country, trying to buy Souvenirs and a variety of jewelry, including pearls. Such decorations give its owner more elegance and nobility. But now technology in the manufacture of jewelry became so developed that even the experienced are sometimes difficult to identify the authenticity of pearls. So how do you test the truth of this beauty and not to be deceived by the buyer?
How to verify the authenticity of pearls
We should say a few words about the differences between natural pearls and fake. Genuine pearls are formed by grains of sand getting inside the shell of a mollusk, which responds to contact of a foreign body and begins to envelop him as his mother. This process has learned to imitate, placing inside of shell bead, which is recovered after some time, already slightly covered with nacre. Sometimes a bead is just coated in pearlescent paint and sold as natural pearls.
If the seller claims that the pearls are natural, be sure to demand a certificate of identification, it must be made known and reputable laboratory with the appropriate seals. So, to confirm its authenticity pearl is subjected to x-ray examination. There are more simple methods that will help you to distinguish a fake from the pearls. Real pearl is quite heavy, what can be said about the artificial material. If the pearls gently RUB each other next to the ear, it needs to be a sound of rubbing sand.
Can you check the seller of pearls on fear. Take the pearls and offer to set fire to it, a natural product should not melt. Most likely, the seller is afraid of damaged goods and tell you the whole truth about its authenticity.
If you drop a real pearl on a solid and smooth surface from a height of half a meter, it works like a ball for ping-pong, i.e. bounce off the surface and begin to jump. Fake pearls has a low density and hardly able to jump.
There is another way through which you can test the authenticity of pearls. Gently slide the pearl on your teeth. Its surface should be slightly rough. The surface of the forgery is absolutely smooth as glass. In any case, do not try to crack this thing, take care of your teeth.
A real pearl is always cold, even in the hottest weather. Wearing beads, you will always feel pleasant coolness from the natural pearl. The same cannot be said about the fake.

Advice 6: How to check the authenticity of a ROLEX watch

ROLEX is already not the first year. During this time she was able to assert itself as a quality manufacturer. A man wearing an expensive ROLEX watch can show their status and high position in society. Unfortunately, increasingly began to produce forgeries with names of reputable companies. I touched it and ROLEX. In order not to sink face in the dirt, you need to be able to distinguish the fake from the original.
ROLEX watches

A bit of history

The spectacular appearance of the men consists of several moments. Watch and only help to emphasize it. But sometimes, instead of the original people sell a fake for the same money. Statistics testifies that the ROLEX watch fake in 75% of cases. This Swiss brand popular among people of high status. The scams and earn.

The ROLEX model of watches was released in 1926. Less than two months the brand has found its fans and become popular. The clock was resistant to dust and moisture and their original appearance, they hooked buyers.

ROLEX was originally released as a woman's watch, but later became a stylish decoration for men. For a successful businessman, this brand is a mandatory attribute.

In the manufacture of hours used leather, precious stones and some other unique elements. Acquiring such a thing, is to inquire about its details and features. This is necessary in order to check a watch for authenticity.

Please note!

When buying a ROLEX watch should pay attention to the following features:

- rear housing cover. Many fakes have clear glass, through which you can see the inner watch mechanisms. The original has an ordinary metal case. The exception is the clock, released in 1930-m to year. Models with transparent lids then it was made only for two;

- if on the back side of the case was seen drawings or labels, it is a fake as the real ROLEX does not have any engravings;

- note the crown. The original has the image of a crown. On some models there is a rubber ring that is visible when you open crowns. In fake such detail is created only for visual effect. In the original clock rubber ring designed to improve the functioning of the crown;

- on some models under the ROLEX crown visible in three points, which also indicates the original;

- a box in which sealed watch made of paper and has a holographic picture. You need to pay attention to the image of holography and make sure it shimmers. On real clocks will be visible from the crown, under which are engraved black numbers. If the figures are depicted in a different color or any other deviation, it's a fake;

- over the date ROLEX features a lens that magnifies the image in two and a half times. In the fakes this glass is either missing entirely or has a lower magnifying power. Date can be written in large numbers;

- at the beginning of 2000-ies has introduced an additional protection against fakes. Above the number six is located in the micro-engraving in the form of a crown. It can only be seen under a magnifying glass. In fakes the quality and size of the corona far from the original;

- the hull number should have equal numbers and letters and located between the sides of hours;

- the shape and length of the watch hands. They need to be pointed and get to the graduations of the dial.

Before buying ROLEX watches is familiar with their distinctive features. The only way you can avoid frauds and do not spend money in vain.
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