Advice 1: How to check phone for authenticity without assistance

Despite the fact that mobile phones today are available to almost everyone, much of it is still imported via the "grey, semi-legal schemes. Often this is due to the fact that the importing company seeks to capitalize on them as much as possible while expending minimal resources. In the end imported so the phone is cheaper but does not have any warranty from the manufacturer.
How to check phone for authenticity without assistance

"Grey" phone and its shortcomings

Due to the fact that when importing a "gray" phone company-the importer does not pay customs duties, the cost is 30-40 or even more percent lower than that of the "white" of the device. But low cost is the only advantage of the "gray" tube. When you buy a "gray" phone you are completely deprived of the opportunity of service in the official service centers. Also it is not subject to corporate guarantee of the manufacturer. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown of the phone or damage to any items you have simply to throw out your purchase.

Is it possible to check the phone for authenticity yourself?

Most phones are sold "with hands", through ads in the Internet. So to avoid future problems with the device, just do not purchase it from questionable sellers. Buy only in specialty stores of famous brands, which give the phone the official guarantee. But if you for some reason distrust even belong to the big salons, you can inspect the phone for authenticity yourself. It's quite easy and takes only a few minutes.

The easiest way to check the phone to authenticate independently

To make sure that the purchased phone is not grey, you need to do a series of simple actions. First dial *#06# and press "enter". On the screen appears a long digital number – the so-called IMEI code. It is an international number of this phone, given by the manufacturer. However, his first six characters will indicate the number of the particular series; the next two digits code the country of origin; the next six digits are encrypted serial number. Closes the IMEI number of the so-called reserve – a reserve or control number, laid by the manufacturer for authentication of the device.

All you have to do to check the phone for authenticity alone – to compare the IMEI number on the rear panel of the purchased unit, just behind the battery. But pay attention not to the first eight and last six digits. The "white" phones that they always coincide with the IMEI, which you saw earlier on the screen. That's all the verification of the legality of the device is complete!

Advice 2 : How to know original phone or not

Almost everyone now uses mobile phones. Not surprisingly, it is very convenient to call from anywhere in the world anywhere. Of course, to use mobile phones, you must purchase a phone. The range of models on the cellular market is currently very large, but how to determine whether the original phone you offer to buy?
Mobile phone
You will need
  • The telephone hotline of the manufacturer.
How to protect yourself from the occasional purchase of a "gray" phoneeh?
Never buy a phonewith it, even if they have an attractive price and can assure you that the phone is new. The risk to acquire certified, a defective or stolen phone is very large.
However, even in cellular salons you can not sell the original phone. Therefore it is necessary to carefully consider the purchase. Not worth buying the device in a small kiosks near the train station, which is now very much.
Before buying please note on the sticker on the box of the device. There must be a sticker of Rostest. Every phone before entering the sale must be certified. Also sold the original phones, but without the quality certificate. Of course, the price is lower. In any case, do not purchase such devices. They can harm your health. Best buy phones the shop of the manufacturer. So you will gain real product.
The "gray" phone can be distinguished by their appearance. As a rule, the forgery differs from the original case dimensions. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the device is made. If the case is suspicious creaks and plastic parts have blotches or stains, it's likely you have in your hands is not the original phone. Examine the equipment. It should include original accessories.
You can also call by phoneat the hotline of the manufacturer and to check the originality of your machine. For this you will need to call to call the operator with the IMEI of your phone. This is a numeric code located on the box from phoneand the sticker under the battery.
Useful advice
Purchase the phone only in the company store of the manufacturer.

Advice 3 : How to know whether the changed phone

Often it happens that when you try to call a particular phone number, it turns out that number already belongs to another person. To find out whether the changed phone number, you can use several methods.
How to know whether the changed phone
You will need
  • - mobile or landline phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
In order to know whether the changed phone number of the cellular network, call on him and ask directly responding to you. Such a method is relevant only in those cases when the number is active, and it so happens that after disconnecting the subscriber, his former room has long remained unused. In this case, the system informs you that the subscriber is out of network coverage.
If you want to know whether you have changed the user number is not available for the call, send him a TEXT message that he will be able to read when the phone is switched on, when turn it will be in the range of a network. Set the maximum waiting period the message delivery in the settings of your phone, also turn on the delivery report, if it was not the attitude you have for this number. In this case, you will be notified of the subscriber in the network immediately as will be available for the phone.
In order to know whether the changed phone number of the subscriber public telephone network, use the special directories in your city. Please note that the databases of these directories may have outdated information.
You can find them on the websites and forums of your city, and use a database of phone numbers on the website, which provides information about subscribers of urban telephone stations of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. A call to that phone number here is irrelevant, because when it is disconnected in most cases hear the same beeps that you normally do when dialing into the free line.
Also learn about the changes of PSTN telephone company, you can on its official website. This sometimes happens if there are any changes in the urban automatic telephone station.

Advice 4 : How to check a smartphone

When you purchase a device, it is important to verify the quality of his workmanship. Check the device before purchase will allow you to protect yourself from buying substandard products and the emergence of problems with his work in the future. Especially this rule applies to this category of devices like smartphones.
How to check a smartphone
Choosing a smartphone, first check its equipment and build quality. Carefully examine the Cabinet for the presence of gaps and openings in the region of the fastening parts. In the presence of the buttons on the machine, check their progress. They are not too tight and well responsive to the touch.
Most modern smartphones are presented with a capacitive touchscreen display, which should clearly respond to touch by fingers or stylus, the latter also must be securely fixed in the housing of the apparatus and to be easy to use.
Check out the quality of display and quality of the on screen display details. A good smartphone should have a screen that clearly displays all graphical elements. The display should not be the phenomenon of speckle, which is characteristic of a low-cost or fake apparatus.
Examine the functions of the device and speed. The main distinguishing feature of smartphones is the ability to run several applications simultaneously while providing a high level of performance and minimum delays in the processing of certain data. Run multiple programs installed on the phone, and then minimize them and make the switch to home screen or other apps. A quality device should respond to such operations.
Check the components of the smartphone. Included with the device should be efficiently printed manual in the Russian language. If the booklet in Russian is missing, so the phone was not intended for sale in Russia and it is likely that were imported into Russia illegally. Included should be the original cable and charger with the logo of the manufacturer.
Compliance with all the above guidelines will help you to acquire a really high-quality device that will last you a long time.
Buy expensive smartphones only in specialized shops and large hypermarkets of household appliances.
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