Consult the databases of the network operator. Despite the fact that such bases are sold illegally, and the dissemination of information stored in it, it is forbidden to buy them is still possible. You can buy such base in the markets where they sell various electronics (for example, in Moscow's Mitino, Savelovsky, Budenovsky, etc. markets). Be sure to check the CD with the database. Because you simply can cheat by palming off a broken drive, and claims to be present not to anyone, because you can buy such base "with" and one day (check, of course, also no you no breaks).
Refer to the services provided by the resources of the global Internet. In it you can find various services, both paid and free, offering to provide information about the subscriber on his number phone. The cost of these services is around $ 10, which definitely lower than buying a stolen database operator. But be careful! Claims in case of receiving unreliable or incorrect information through such services to be present here. And the cost of the service that is offered to pay by sending an SMS message from a mobile phone (the money is written off your account) can differ in a big way from that indicated on the order.
Try to find a friend in law enforcement. The fact that the police officially have the right to request the operator to provide data about the subscriber. To make such queries, usually with the purpose of investigative activities carried out by the police. But if you horoshenechko think over the question of motivation found a friend in advance, you may be the exception to the rule and get the information you need.