You will need
  • - instruction to the counter;
  • calculator;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - pen or pencil.
Take instructions and determine what you kind of the counter. There are presently many varieties of three-phase meters. Basically use only two types – electronic and induction. Compared to the e-induction has more advantages. The reason is that in the mid 90-ies they were installed in every home and in their lifetime has not expired.
Examine carefully the counter. Counters of different numerical indicators. They are three-digit and four-digit. In the first case the maximum rate is equal to 1000 kWh and in the second 10000 kilowatt/hour. Upon reaching 999 or 9999 kWh indicators fully reset, and counting of consumption starts from zero. Consider these features before remove the performance.
Determine the amount of electricity consumed. To do this, take the figure for the previous month and subtract it from the current. This way you will get the amount of electricity consumption for the current period since the last payment. Write it on a sheet of paper.
Put the result in monetary unit, i.e. the amount that you should pay. To do this, multiply the difference will be levied on the existing price.
But sometimes such a situation when the testimony is necessary to remove when replacing counters. Most often it is replacement of a three-digit to four-digit. In this case, summarize the old testimony and the new, the result multiply by the rate and in the end get the amount of payment per month.