To account for the consumption of electricity make a table. It will include all electric appliances – computers, printers, scanners (office equipment), lighting devices, household appliances (microwave, fridge, kettle or coffee maker). Power consumption of all these devices is known, works determine empirically. Multiple user arrange them in separate columns. The capacity of each appliance in kW and multiply by the time his work hours (per day). As a result, you determine the power consumption (kWh per day). Multiplying the resulting figure by the number of working days in a month, get the power consumed per month by each user. Create a table in Excel, it will provide the simplest formulas in the rows (users) and columns (users). In this form it is easy to fill and correct if necessary.Now divide the cost of electricity between users – as a percentage of the total consumption.
If there is a need to determine the energy costs in your home country, do the calculation as described above. Here will be added the most costly expenditure of energy – for heating buildings and for hot water. Table added 2 additional lines with an electric boiler and water heater. Select the type of boiler from the calculation of the volume of the heated space and possible as low as possible temperatures. The type of boiler, determine and write down its power while working during the day and number of days in the month. Similar job make the heater. Multiplying the resulting figure the cost of energy for the price of one kW/hour, will get consumption of electricity in monetary terms. It remains to count the cost of purchasing and maintaining a source of electricity (power line to the nearest substation, a diesel generator, a solar panel or wind turbine with additional transducers, batteries). Select the appropriate source and use it to supply electricity to your home.
Finally, the need for counting arises if you doubt the meter readings. Calculate consumption of electricity, as described above, and compare with the numbers on the counter. If doubt remains, check the correct operation of the electromotive counter. To do this, disconnect all appliances in the house, leaving a single light bulb with 100 watts. Take a watch with a second hand and note the time of rotation of the disk. If the drive makes a 1 minute one turn, and after turning off the light drive stops and never rotates counter healthy.