To install three-phase meter it is necessary to write the application to the organization delivering you with electricity. Connect the meter definitely needs a professional electrician. It is not only the requirement of the organizations that supply electricity, and the rate of security. Unprofessional connection counterand can be costly for the landlord, and to the mountain master.
Set Elektrothe counter where the wiring runs. All electrical wires that fit in the apartment connect to the input terminals of the electrometer, and output terminals - this is the separator electrical circuit, the electrical wiring of the subscriber.
Install the meter only in easily accessible locations for service on panels, boards, special cabinets, that is, on a rigid Foundation. According to the rules, the panel with the meterohms is installed at a height of not less than 130 cm and above 170 cm
Plomberie device. Makes this procedure the employee organisations that supply you energy. As soon as you seal the counter, you can do the wiring in the apartment.
If you had to install the meterwhere there is a risk of contamination or the space available for unauthorized persons, then the counter is better to install in a special Cabinet. This Cabinet has a window at the level of the dial and locks.
The presence of twists and rations in the wiring to the counter isnot allowed. The smaller section wires to the meteram 2.5 mm2 aluminum conductors up to 4 mm2. About counters at the wiring it is necessary to leave the ends of the wires at least 120 mm Before the meterOhm insulation on the length of the neutral wire of 100 mm should be different color. In the premises of the voltage in networks of up to 380 volts, you need to detach the counterand a special switching apparatus to a distance of 10 meters from the counter.
When installing the meter, ensure reliable, sturdy contact attached wires. Clanmovie the screws tighten 2 admission. If you use copper flexible wire, then do the pre-tinning solder. Use tin-lead solder, it will provide a more reliable connection. It is recommended that after six months of operation of the counterand cause the representative of the organization of electricity supply and check the terminal number contacts.