You will need
  • - scissors;
  • - replacement elastic band;
  • - safety pin;
  • - sewing pins;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - iron
  • - warm water.
The easiest way to stretch the elastic to the required length – pull it out of the hole in the hem of garment and hem elastic missing the plot. You can do it manually forward and reverse seam.
Leave the joints taped allowances about inch wide, the seams are not separated. With the help of safety pins long, insert the elastic into place.
If elastic webbing passes freely through kulisku (as is the case on the belt of the skirt, knitted trousers, boxer shorts, etc.), to weaken her will be more difficult. Assemblies can consist of several narrow or one wide rubber bands, and the lines are at the very elastic fabric.
Sometimes permissible simply to cut the fixing elastic band in several places. For example, you have children's dress with short smocked sleeves. If you shake a child's hand, carefully cut the stitches on the braid equal sections with the tips of small scissors. Try not to ruin the fabric of the product.
When the sleeve is expanded to the desired size, arm with a needle and thread and gently strengthen the remaining uncut stitches.
Another variant of weakening the elastic tape can be recommended if the Assembly of clothing consists of several threads of spandex (for example, for socks). Stretch fabric and cut elastic strings through every second or third row.
To lengthen stitched in the middle, wide elastic band, you will have to rip out all the old seams and replaced the sewing material on the wider. First remove all the old cut threads, then put a new band along the lines of the old hem and secure with pins.
Lay the machine stitches exactly the traces of the old seams. It is recommended to use the special string "stretch" (it is more adapted to work with elastic tape) or similar to it zigzag.
Try to stretch tight elastic thermal way. To do this, wet the area of clothing with the braid in hot water, if it allows the material and color of the canvas. Then the problem area can be to steam, to iron, or just pull on the appropriate form and to give the stretched tape to dry completely.