You will need
  • - the spokes;
  • yarn.
In order to perform a double elastic band, it is necessary to take into account that the loop set should be two times more than expected according to the calculations of the figure. Before knitting it on the main product, be sure to experiment on a small sample, as vyvazhivanie this drawing requires some skill.
Dial on the spokes 20 loops, 2 times more than necessary in the calculation. However, the finished product is visible is the figure of only 10 hinges, and both front and on the reverse side. It is very important to purl the first 2 rows, then continue to work will be much easier.
The first row of the knit according to the scheme: *1 front loop, 1 loop is not promazyvaetsya, and removed the needle*. Keep the working thread is necessarily in the interval between the front and removed the loop. To do otherwise would be a violation of the pattern. Second row, continue to work on the same scheme. Now removed in the previous row loop provarite the front, and remove the previously knit on the needle. Up to 10 rows, resulting in a work sample with double elastic band.
So after the main figure to continue working dual band (doesn't matter – you need to insert it in the middle or end edge), double the number of loops. For this additional type in the missing loop. To make it valid in two ways – by pulling through each one of knit loop new, or with the help of nakido.
Continue the above method. After vyvazhivanija hollow bands of a given width provarite penultimate row of facial loops and 2 together, which will reduce their number. Close the loops of the last row. If dual band is in the region of the belt, there is no need to close the loop. After propagate row to 2 loops together and lead figure in original number of stitches – continue to work on a given pattern.