Unfasten the clasp of the lace and carefully remove from him his jewelry, as it should not be subject to any procedures. Again fasten the clasp.
Pour into a small bowl a bit of gasoline. In his absence, you can use kerosene. For a while, place the cord in a container of liquid. The result proved much faster – cover the container with a lid.
After some time, remove the lace from the liquid, rinse it under warm water and wipe dry with a towel. After that, the lace ready to use again.
As another method, use heat.
Take an ordinary or a heat gun. Put the lace on a flat, smooth surface and begin to heat it with a Hairdryer. Just do not use it too close to the product and constantly monitor the temperature. The heated above 85 degrees results in complete loss of the product shape and the rubber spreads. Heat gradually, it will hold the hair dryer about three or five minutes, turn it off, take a minute break and then on again to warm up.
Use a special steam generator. In its application to the elastic properties of rubber are recovered by approximately 80-90 percent.
Soften the rubber with boiling water. In order not to lower the water to a gold clasp, grasp the cord with forceps and hold it for a while over the water. Couples will gradually begin to heat the rubber, which will partially soften.