You will need
  • - white thick thread;
  • red thin thread;
  • - knitting needles No. 2.5 and 2.
Work out in the crochet elastic headband in different ways, and evaluate the resulting sample. Work on straight needles, sequentially alternating front and back loops. You get the so-called elastic 1x1. Depending on the number participating in the eyelets, elastic fabric may be referred to as 2x2 (2 front – two inside-out); 3x1 (3 front and 1 reverse), etc.
Some of the products at simple alternation of a certain amount of facial and purl loops look quite spectacular and without fussy patterns. For example, from gum 3x1 or 4x1, you can perform a skirt or turtleneck – things will be exciting, will be stretched in two directions and lie on a "slinky".
Try to associate the gum with the help of auxiliary yarn to make a particularly smooth and elastic hem products. For this you need a basic white yarn and a thinner thread bright contrasting colors to catch the eye (e.g., red). Take a couple of straight spokes №2,5 and another pair No. 2.
Type of red thread on the spokes number 2 twice smaller number of loops than necessary to create a cloth. For example, instead of 20 loops on the needles should be only a dozen.
Get the first row of the elastic edges of knitting, typing in the work of white thread. First remove the edge loop, then do the reverse. Then followed: yo, purl the loop and again yo.
Finish the number pattern. If the work involved an even number of loops, the final will be nakyd and edge loops, if odd – yo, reverse and edge.
Complete the second row of knitting according to the pattern: the lower reverse loop promazyvaya the front, and nakedi remove nepovezane as if they were ordinary purl loops. The working thread should be placed just before the loop!
Repeat knitting the third and fourth rows of the example first and second, until the band hollow double cloth. Now you need to type in the spokes № 2,5 and knit with the fifth of a series of elastic rubber 1x1.
When knitted elastic fabric is finished, you can carefully pull out the auxiliary thread. Open stretched out loops on the edge of the work dismiss you perfectly smooth, good stretch, edge knitted elastic.