Called all transparent precious stones, but actually are only seven officially recognized: alexandrite, diamond, emerald, pearls, amber, ruby and sapphire. From the seven Calves do not fit the amber, ruby and pearl. Pearl is a stone of characters whose element is water – Pisces, Cancers, Virgos, Capricorns and Taurus, whose element is earth, its wear is not recommended. Pearl discordant with their power, causing a painful disorder and failure in business. The same applies to semi-precious corals, which are the mascot characters of water.
Gently Taurus need to wear amber and rubies, because their energy is also discordant with the natural energy of those people who have the Sun in Taurus. If you select the amber is for Taurus, the best dark shades and to wear it should be in the cufflinks or brooches. Bright yellow and light amber adversely affects Calves, affecting their fate is not the best way, and this negative effect also applies to business relationships and relationships with friends and close relatives. If these stones are set in gold or was inherited from a close relative, they can be talismans, bringing prosperity and good luck. In this case, Calves should be guided by their feelings and intuition.
Those semi-precious stones that are not suitable for Taurus conventionally, these include: rock crystal, obsidian, garnet, chrysoprase, amethyst, red corundum. Calves do not fit the stones, being active and strong energy, since the internal potential of the people of this sign by itself is high enough.
Interesting relations Bulls with this semi-precious stone like turquoise. It is a stone of peace, harmony but Taurus is usually a pretty straightforward sign, preferring to say what he thinks. This behavior is discordant with the energy of the stone, and in this case it can cause diseases and cause problems. Therefore, turquoise is not recommended to wear men and married women. But those women who are not married, it is useful to carry "old" turquoise, with a characteristic greenish tint, it will help to find a life partner. But don't confuse "old" turquoise with the one that "died" - bought the gray color and looked like an ordinary pebble. In this case, the "death" of the stone – the harbinger of serious misfortunes.