Trained to repair

Before attempting to repair any appliance, be sure to unplug it from the electrical network. In the case of a washing machine this is a warning to ignore in any case is impossible, because the electric current in combination with water can not only cause serious threat to the health of the repairman, but to become lethal. So shut off the faucet, pull the plug from the socket before trying to change the gum.

How to remove old gum

Open the door of the machine, look carefully in need of replacement gum. To the body of the machine it is attached a wire ring, hidden beyond the outer rim of the gum. Fold rim, inset the ring with a screwdriver or pliers to clear it. Don't be afraid that you will damage the ring are arranged so that they are able a bit of stretch without the risk of break.

Unscrew the screws near the door lock, remove the lock. In some models the screws are missing, instead of them around the castle located to the similarity of the buttons. In this case you will have to press the button inside, move the lock slightly to the left, and then push so that it goes to the right and back.

Unscrew all the screws that support the front wall of the machine, remove it. Then around the elastic of additional screws or clamps that continue to keep her. If any are found, remove them. Remove the rubber band, you no longer need, but the wire ring not throw in any case, it you need to install new rubber seals.

How to put new rubber

Carefully inspect the new gum, the result of the inspection you'll notice her little tongue, it will help to correctly place the new item, as with all models it must be strictly top.

Put the new rubber in place of the old. If she does not want to stretch, you can lightly grease it. As lubricant ideal liquid detergent, but don't overdo it with the number, otherwise the gum will slip out of your hands.

Assemble machine in reverse order of parsing, replace the door lock. Put on a new wire ring cuff so that it densely covered the new part. Help yourself with the screwdriver or pliers, but be careful not to unwittingly damage the new rubber. Make sure that the rubber collar sits snugly and able to perform their direct functions. Connect washing machine to water and electricity network.

Before the first repair after the wash, skip the machine through a blank cycle without clothes. This will help you to make sure that the rubber band holds the water, that is installed correctly.