The increase in cortisol at the same time leads to an increase in the sugar levels and pressure drops. It is therefore necessary to monitor the content of the hormone and prevent its increase. For this, first of all, learn to calm measured way of life. Take care of your health, trying to avoid unnecessary unrest. Try to stick to routines and sleep.
Note that to normalize the levels of cortisol will help you yoga, meditation, warm baths, massage, walks in the woods. Get a family pet. Communication with a dog or cat, pet calming effect on the nervous system and help to reduce cortisol levels.
If you have excess weight certainly need to lose weight. Give up coffee and alcohol. Stimulant acting on the body, they cause the release of cortisol. Eat more foods containing protein and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
Ask at the pharmacy vitamin complexes. Some of them lower the cortisol.
Take vitamin C. It has the ability to reduce stress and therefore lower cortisol.
Well, if you start daily drink herbal teas and tinctures of medicinal herbs. Tinctures ready-made are sold in any drugstore. You need to take them according to instructions.
Pink Radiola. By doing so, increase resistance to stressful situations. It helps to keep adrenal cortisol production.
St. John's wort. Worse radiograms to cope with stress and depression. With the same purpose, take a tincture of Eleutherococcus.
Fish oil. Daily take drugs fish oil and fat, and thereby normalize the adrenal glands.
Licorice. This plant is the most severely affects the adrenal glands.
Ginkgo biloba. To drink it will have at least six months. But in addition to lowering cortisol levels, you will strengthen veins and improve brain activity.
To lower cortisol is constantly take lecithin.