You will need
  • - elastic band;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • pin;
  • - bobbin thread is elastic.
To supply the product is elastic with drawstring, fold the edge of the part to the width of the gum, with a small allowance. Sew along the whole product, leaving a hole a couple of inches. Gum can also be located in the center of the product, in this case, sew from the inside lane.
Cut elastic the desired length, hook it to the tip on the safety pin. Insert the pin into the hole, bending the fabric, accordion-scroll to the end, pull the pin. The ends of elastic and stitch between the hide and sew the hole.
Wide elastic band try to sew directly to the product. To do this, cut a piece the desired length and divide it in half. Note colored chalk. The resulting halves will also bend in half and look inside, check it. For more accurate results you can repeat the procedure, as a result, the elastic will be divided into 8 parts.
The same actions do with the product. That is, bending in half, divide it into the same number of parts, marking their boundaries with chalk.
Start to sew the elastic bandbetter for this use knitted zigzag or double row. Align one of the marks on the product and the beginning of the gum, lower the needle. Then hand pull the rubber band so that the following marks are matched. Hold it place with your fingers (you could pre-fix with safety pin) and continuing to pull, sew up to the mark.
Stop, make sure the needle was down, and again pull the elasticuntil the next marked spot. To secure it, sew this piece. Thus sew the entire perimeter of the product.
For sewing elastic bands in sleeves or other items that require decoration, try to use a thread-gum. Pass it in the lower bobbin (also sold ready-made bobbin-wound thread) and sew inside a zigzag. Then pull the thread to the required relief, and secure the ends.