To start, you need to find out in the Dean's office, what distinguishes the program from the external students programme of the unit for which you are studying. Most often the difference is a few items, usually from two to seven. Very well, if you have someone you know from a group of external students - you can compare the grade book and the number stamped there assessments in specific subjects.
Next you need to find out whether you to provide the Institute with dodatu these items or what usually happens, you will be asked to pay for translation. The transfer amount includes the payment for the hours a teacher spent time on you, so when you come to dodavati an object outside the session, do not be afraid that someone will refuse to accept discipline. The teacher will receive for your money, albeit small, but still. Still, if the teacher starts to your end of the bargain and makes a run for it, the replacement procedure of the teacher has not been canceled. Go to the Dean's office and ask for a replacement desirable, as the teacher you do not like for certain reasons. Even in writing to the head of the Department of the subject that you pass.
Well, the most important factor is the number of seats. Most likely, if the group is formed, you will be offered only paid Department. Sometimes it is advisable to wait a couple of semesters, leaving the application in the Dean's office, which will indicate a desire to be transferred to extramural budget place. There is a possibility of charges of negligent students per session, and then you will be able to transfer. It is desirable to support your translation and excellent grades in the record book and to remind about yourself in the Dean's office. Sometimes it is productive to ask teachers that you get a good evaluation, to assist in the translation.