You will need
  • INN,
  • - copies of your passport,
  • - a certificate of income on form W-2,
  • - agreement with the educational institution to pay for education,
  • - a copy of the license of the institution with the original seal,
  • - copies of receipts or orders for the payment of services of the institution.
Open a Bank account or enter the Declaration number available Bank checking account. It was on this account will be transferred payment. As this account, you can specify the details of the payroll card or cards, which is to be the scholarship student. If for any reason a Bank account cannot be opened, the tax office will be entitled to receive the amount of compensation they have in the cash Department.
Gather your documents. To the tax return attach all documents required for compensation. Remember, if the set of documents will be missed in any instance, the tax office will return the Declaration for revision, stating the reasons.
Contact the tax office at the place of registration. If you have a regular source of income (employment, real estate leases), tax must complete the tax Declaration on the income of individuals. If the student has no source of income, all these documents are collected on the name of his parent (father or mother), to him shall be attached a copy of the birth certificate of the learner. In this case it is better to enter into a contract with an educational institution in the name of the parent who submits the data for compensation.
Wait for decision of the tax Inspectorate. Under the law, when correctly executed Declaration and provided full set of documents, the payment shall be transferred to the taxpayer's account for several months (up to six months).
Will receive compensation. For this you need to contact the Bank to receive the transferred tax payments or to withdraw this amount through ATM (if the money was transferred to a plastic card).