You will need
  • - passport;
  • - law;
  • - registration certificate for the car;
  • - documents confirming the transfer to you any rights of ownership of the vehicle;
  • - receipt about payment of state duties.
Make an appointment at their registered division of traffic police at the place of residence using the online form on the website of the regional Department of traffic police or the state services portal. There you can fill via the Internet application for the registration of the car to the new owner (i.e. yourself).If the machine issued a transit hotel, you must register a car before the expiry of their actions. If your staying in the same region as the previous owner to issue temporary license plates and pay the state fee for making the new is not necessary. The car will be registered for you with the same license plate.
Pay the necessary registration fee: for issuance of a certificate of registration of the vehicle, modification in the existing registration certificate, if necessary, a new license plate.The size of the state duty and Bank details for payment you can check on the website of the regional Department of the traffic police, unit, or registered branches of Sberbank.
On the appointed day we will bring the car to the site for inspection and come to the reception in the registering unit with the necessary documents: your passport and driving license, registration certificate for the car, proof of transfer of ownership to you, etc. the Full list of documents presented on the website of the regional Department of the traffic police.If everything is in order, all necessary steps will typically be made on the same day and you can come home driving decorated cars.