The answer to this question, of course, possible, but only in some cases. Yes, you have to have the necessary documents to the traffic police did not show you the complaints about the driving without license plates. If your car is new, bought in the salon, and you have the proper documents, you can drive without plates for up to 10 days. That is, to issue the car on itself or any other holder, respectively, to register with GAI you must for 10 days. Agree, time is more than enough in order to complete the registration process.

Can I drive without a number on used car

Such cases are also not uncommon. For example, your friend's wedding is coming up, and he asked you to take the guests in the tuple. And wedding and other special cars are usually set playful, beautiful rooms or stickers that cover the state room. In such cases, many drivers fear they can be fined for driving without state symbols. Or the could simply twist, to steal. Friends as a joke to turn your numbers upside down. Not much to worry about. If you are in one of these cases will stop, for the first time just a warning. Max – you screw the numbers into place or will show help about the theft of license plates, and pay a fine for an administrative offence. Although practice shows that most often, in such cases employees of traffic police more than loyal and are included in the provision as a penalty is not mandatory. If you without the above reasons are driving without state rooms, you may even face a driving ban.

Responsibility for driving without a number

Any driving a car without numbers falls under the scope of article 12/2. You face a fine or forwarding the case to the court and depriving you of rights to 1-3 months, which you will agree is not optimistic. Not worth the extra time to leave the car without numbers. Much easier and safer to drive a car, knowing that everything is in order and with numbers, and with the other it characteristics. It is not necessary to hope that you will not stop. Will stop for sure! And if after buying the car it has been more than 10 days, you face a lot of trouble, which was so simple and easy to avoid by going to the traffic police and having your vehicle according to the rules. Don't neglect these tips and try to register a car, so you do not do this for the last 10 days.