Buying a car through a contract of sale, the citizen becomes its full owner, with the purchase of a attorney, he will be the owner but not the owner. This is a different legal concept, because power of attorney of person actually buys a car, and only the right of disposal and use, rights of the owner remain as they were, from the seller. And if you decided to buy a car by proxy, make sure that the transaction was legally correct.
For registration directly the attorney prepare the following documents: ID, title and registration certificate. When registering please provide the documents confirming the property owner to the vehicle, and information about the transit room, if such existed. The power of attorney is void if: expired expiration date, if you cancel the power of attorney after death of principal, as well as failure of the person to whom the power of attorney. In order for you in the future also could issue a warrant on a car when selling, make sure to prepare you a power of attorney was a paragraph, "delegable".
Make a purchase of a car a notary is a mandatory requirement in case of purchase on General power of attorney. Check if you have specified the actual value in the act of transferring rights to the car. At the bottom of the document put the date and signature of both parties. Please note that the car was necessarily removed from the register in traffic police and PTS was given the mark about this.
As the new owner put the car on accounting in traffic police. The owner (the one who will be the actual registration) must register the vehicle itself within a month in MREO. At registration bring the following documents: passport vehicle (TCP), passport, certificate of registration, the contract of purchase and sale, insurance and metal plates. For the technical inspection will be required to present a medical certificate, law, insurance, insurance, of the receipt of payment. So be careful about them.