Features transit insurance

The main feature of transit insurance is the term of the policy. In accordance with the applicable legislation, buying a car, you need to put it on the record not later than 20 days from the date of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. Transit insurance has a similar duration.
By law, the owner of the purchased vehicle can not show the police the insurance policy, if the date of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale in less than 5 days.

If the owner of the vehicle put the car on the account previously specified in the policy date, he is entitled to a recalculation of the premium by the insurance company or transfer the remaining amount to the payment for a new insurance policy. Transit policy can be issued for a period of from 5 to 20 days.

Where to obtain transit insurance

Transit insurance policy to write all companies carrying out compulsory insurance of vehicle owners ' civil liability. For the execution of a document you will need a passport, DMV, driving licence of all drivers admitted to driving the vehicle. In the "vehicle registration number" fit transit numbers. Pass technical inspection of the vehicle for transit insurance is not required.
Particularly relevant transit insurance in situations where the car is purchased in one city, and on the account put in another. Without a policy to overtake the vehicle risky. When stopped by the police you could be fined.

To obtain a temporary policy for agents, which operate 24 hours a day. However, in this case it is better to use the services of the proven consultants. You may at any time before the purchase of the car to contact the insurance company and get the contact information of the agent who can meet you at any convenient time.

To conclude a contract of insurance, and with insurance brokers. In such organizations, the agents usually work for several insurance companies. When making a transit insurance you can choose the insurer, or to listen to the opinion of a specialist.

Most insurance companies have their own websites on the Internet which contains not only information about the activities of the organization, but also provides additional services. For example, the call agent on a house or a preliminary calculation of the tariff. You can pre-calculate the cost of transit insurance and to meet with the agent at the specified time.