You will need
  • modem;
  • - external and internal antenna;
  • - coaxial cable.
Check out coverage of the 3G network of mobile operator MegaFon, to do this, go to his website and find a map of 3G coverage of the network. If you are in the area or on its border, but the modem is not connected to the Internet, so the signal level is too weak. This means that it is below the limit of sensitivity of the modem. Use the input gain external antenna for the modem. It can provide increased speed in half, due to the increase of the ratio signal/noise.
Since all modems are made in the format of the stick, they do not provide the ability to connect an external antenna. Take advantage of its connection to the principle of the contactless antenna of the device, the re-emission signal. Take an external antenna to receive the signal from the street and internal to redirect the signal to the modem, connect them to a cable Assembly, made of coaxial cable. The frequency of small damping is 2100 MHz. Use to strengthen signal modem external antenna's 12/1900-2170, which will rabotat on the 3G frequency.
Use to redirect the signal to the internal modem antenna model AP-800/2500-360. It looks like a flat plate the size of a business card, having a circular directivity pattern. Attach the antenna with adhesive tape to the modem, thus you will get a contactless coupler. Connect the antennas to each other using coaxial cable brand 8D-FB. Pay close attention to its quality, or the antenna connection to the modem will lose all meaning because there will be significant signal loss. You must also be careful when installing the outdoor antenna. Determine accurate direction to the station, and if unknown, determine it empirically using laptop and connected the modem.