You will need
  • - a screw-driver "asterisk";
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - a scalpel;
  • - a plastic card from a SIM card.
Unscrew with a screwdriver "star" retaining bolts on the lid of the modem hidden under small round stickers, which symbolize a guarantee.
To open the plastic casing without breaking it, you need a special tool. For its production use card the SIM. Prune it a little to make one of the edges sharper.
Insert the sharp edge of the card into the gap between a USB modem and a plastic cover and slightly lift up this lever the lid of the device.
In the resulting gap, insert a thin, sharp scalpel and press them on the inner cover latches, slowly pushing her. Do all this slowly, carefully, sure movements, not to break the clips and not left on the outside of the opening marks.
When you release the scalpel cover with one hand, slowly open the modem, unhook it from the latches and the other side. If everything is done correctly, so it is possible to disassemble the modem many times, not afraid to break.
To get mini PCI-E card module antenna connector, Unscrew with a screwdriver "star" two of the bolt. Flat screwdriver, carefully disconnect the two mini coax cables. Thus you will get completely disassembled the modem.