You will need
  • -pliers or a regular knife
  • -pliers
  • -soldering iron with solder
  • -a piece of cable television antenna
  • -any piece of copper wire
  • -Chinese (or not) adapter for mobile phone
Take a crimper or a regular knife, pliers, soldering iron with solder a piece of cable of the TV antenna, a piece of any copper wire, Chinese (or not) adapter for cellphones (you can buy on the market for 200-300 rubles), a bit of patience and five to ten minutes of free time.
Knife to strip the end of the antenna cable. You see, there are "core", and on the sides of the braid made of copper? Try during cleaning not to damage the braid or the core. The other end of the cable you need to connect with telephone set.
Armed with a soldering iron and any diameter copper wire with a length of 8.2 cm Copper wire solder to the core. Try to solder so that the whole structure did not collapse from the breeze. The wire is soldered to the core, needs to be vertical and "look" up. Exactly the same wire solder to the braid of the antenna cable. The wire soldered to the braid, should be directed vertically down.
Secure both wires on a wooden base, to give the structure strength and stiffness, insulate where the wires are soldered to the antenna cable.
Pay special attention to the core and braid or wire soldered to them, are not in contact. If they are closed, your phone may malfunction.
Secure a wooden base with copper wires on the roof, as above, and the opposite end of the antenna cable connect to your handset via adapter
When you consolidate, once again note that the copper wires were arranged vertically, and connected them with the cable horizontally at the connection.