You will need
  • - wire extension cable.
If you have the opportunity, change your location. It is best to change the location to one that is closer to the tower operator, a 3G modem which you are using. Also it is best to choose open. In rooms with no Windows is also rather poor level of communication. This applies to basements.
If you use a 3G modem at home, follow traffic signal. Do not use the ports of the rear wall of the system unit to connect the modem to best buy extension cable, if you do not have USB ports on the front side. While wireless devices nearby (e.g., mice, keyboards, monitors) try to use them for adapters, ports computer located away from the connected modem.
In the cases where in the home you have a bad reception quality 3G modem, buy extension cable for USB devices to be able to move it closer to the window. Do not use Chinese cables from them, the signal quality will only get worse. You can also use additional wire to wrap them to the modem for about 20-30 times to improve the quality of signal reception.
Disable software update in menu of your PC's security settings in control panel. Because when you download updates Windows is allocated a specific amount of traffic, the speed of opening pages and downloading other data from the Internet can be markedly reduced.
If the quality of the 3G signal remains at a low level, remove the operator providing the Internet access. For this reason, try not to buy modems tied to a specific provider. If you have already purchased a modem, change the settings in the hardware properties in device Manager computer.