You will need
  • System cellular signal amplification
The installation of the system gain cellular signal , start with the installation of an external antenna. Select the place for installing the antenna. When selecting a location, consider the number of floors, placement of the amplifier, the presence of neighbouring buildings. The main criterion – the input to the amplifier must receive a signal of maximum amplitude.
Determine the optimal length of the connecting cable. Cable length from external antenna to the cellular amplifier needs to be kept to a minimum, this will reduce loss of signal. Alternatively, the antenna can be placed on the roof or on the mast through the bracket. If this is not possible, the antenna location may be the facade of the building in the vicinity of the amplifier. This option is useful for amplifying the cellular signal in small offices, cafes and restaurants on the lower floors of the building.
Select the correct direction of the antenna, orienting it so that the level of the signal of all available mobile operators were approximately the same. Otherwise, there will occur a clear predominance of the amplitude of the signal carrier.
Make the crimp connector cable and connect it to the receiving antenna. Connector seal with heat shrink polymer tubing or insulating tape.
Route the cable from the receiving antenna to the booster signal. In this case, consider the building rules and regulations, and especially the RF cable. If necessary tighten the cable in the corrugated pipe. Consider also the bending radius of cable the thicker the cable, the greater must be the radius of the bend to avoid losses and change in estimated values of the level signal.
Select the location for installation of cellular communication. This can be a attic, utility room or basement where there is a possibility of connection of 220 V. the optimum positioning of the GSM repeater in the attic to minimize cable length and to provide a high-quality signal. Keep in mind when selecting a location for the amplifier that even in summer the temperature in the installation place should not exceed 60oC.
Connect the external antenna to the amplifier input. Before connecting, make dimension of input signal connector. If readings are normal, again adjust the orientation of external antenna by aligning the signal level of all operators of cellular communication. Then insert the cable into the connector on the amplifier input. Connector screw with a force to ensure good contact. Produce a sealing of the connection of the connector and the input of the amplifier for cellular communications using adhesive tape.
Refit the power dividers and the internal antennas. If the internal antennas is two or more, the gain signal is set to the channel splitter (power divider).
Configure the power connection. To do this, after installation the whole system first, give her the supply voltage. Connect the repeater to the mains without load is prohibited, as this may cause damage to the device. Make setting in accordance with the technical documentation to a specific type of amplifier.In the basic version, the GSM amplifier amplifies the signal for all major GSM operators (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon).