In such cases it is necessary to use additional devices to improve signal. If you often move, and your cell phone has low reception level, then you need to purchase a portable and compact amplifier. You will fit the device like antenna GSM booster called CELL ANTENNA, which is inserted in the body of the phone.
If a low level signal is bothering you somewhere in a certain place, e.g. at home or at work, you need a extra antenna. If the signal needs to improve for one phone, you'll like GSM antenna, which connects to the phone using a special cable.
If you need to boost the signal for multiple devices simultaneously — for example, when mobile phones are used by all family members, then you need to install a special amplifier cell signal. This device is in the form of a separate antenna mounted on the house wall and amplifies the signal from the nearest cell tower operator.
Use in areas of poor signal older models of phones such as Nokia phones. Old model cell phones were created for more heavy duty use, and will work well even with the low level signal. As a rule, such phones are commercially available, but many people have an old phone, and most of them work.
Contact your nearest point of sale of cell phones and accessories to help you choose the right model of the amplifier. In the Internet you can find dozens of different devices, as well as customer reviews and features of a device, both homemade and special equipment from the stores.