You will need
  • Registry editor Regedit.
In order to increase the speed of transmission of data in the network, and, accordingly, to increase the overall speed, you need to make changes to the registry operating system. The registry can be accessed through Regedit, which is located inside the shell of the operating system. Click the start menu and select Run. In the opened Run window type regedit.
You will see the registry editor. In the left part of the window is a directory tree. In this tree you must perform the following actions opening each folder by double clicking the left mouse button: select the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SYSTEM – CurrentControlSet – Services – Tcpip – Parameters.
How to increase speed <b>transfer</b>
In the opened window, you must create a new DWORD value. To do this, click the right mouse button on the empty space right of the window – then click DWORD value. Rename the parameter TcpWindowSize. Open this parameter and change its value to = 65535.
How to increase speed <b>transfer</b>
Then create a second parameter named Tcp1323Opts and value = 0.
How to increase speed <b>transfer</b>
Also, the setting should apply to the Internet browser. To configure Internet Explorer you need in the registry editor, find the folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion - Internet Settings. In this folder you need to create a DWORD value named MaxConnectionsPerServer and value = 4.
How to increase speed <b>transfer</b>
Configure your connection and browser was over. Restart the computer and connect via a 3G modem to verify the optimization results.