You will need
  • – access to the Internet;
  • – summary;
  • – official sites of State, Regional or Municipal Parliament.
Join a political party. This is the easiest way to take an active civil position and acquire the chance to get a job in personal command of the Deputy. It is more logical to give preference to the parliamentary parties, deputies of which are represented in state, regional and municipal parliaments.
If you are planning to find a job with a specific MP, it will be useful to find out if they have any at the moment assistants. To do this, go to the official website of the Duma, or Assembly to which it relates, and learn personal information about the Deputy. There should be described the contact details of the Deputy or his assistants.
Become an activist political movement or a youth organization under the political party with which you sympathize. Usually, the assistant of the Deputy is young people with higher legal or economic education. A big plus for the applicant for this position will include knowledge of office programs, ability to work with office equipment, floating schedule on the primary job (if you have it, and the assistant Deputy employed part-time), driver's license.
Examine ads in Newspapers and on the Internet. MPs often can't choose just one assistant, and because of the constant turnover forced to seek applicants for the position through advertisements. But it should be noted that this kind of vacancy appear infrequently. All because politicians and deputies often pick an Advisor from among acquaintances, the recommended candidates or former colleagues. To a stranger, even with a great resume, trust not everyone is a candidate. Therefore, if you are invited for an interview, the emphasis put on his diplomatic qualities and ability to abide by corporate ethics in politics.