You will need
  • a sheet of paper, a pen, a summary of the applicant, office or other private place where we can talk quietly
Prepare for the interview:- Think about what skills requires a vacant position: that their presence is necessary to clarify the applicant. So, if the work involves frequent participation in hearings, in the first place will come the ability to present information in a favorable light and oratory. Routine drafting of contracts will require knowledge of the basics of contract law and attention to detail. The position of head of the legal Department along with the experience of work will require the ability to manage a team. - If a summary of the applicant submitted in advance, carefully read through it. Make notes in the margins or specify on a separate sheet of questions about the circumstances that you would like to find out or to specify in conversation with the applicant.- Don't forget to record and keep on hand during a conversation, surname, name and patronymic of the applicant.
At the beginning of the interview introduce yourself, write down the names and contact information of the applicant. Spend it in the office where you can talk without interference.
During the conversation find out:- what school and when he graduated from applicant, what is his average score, the presence of additional education;- what has experience. Ask a question about former employers, the period of cooperation with one or another organization, list the main responsibilities. Not be amiss to ask the reason for termination of employment with the previous employer;- in which areas of law the applicant considers himself an expert in what directions he would like to deepen their knowledge;- what personal and professional qualities applicant believes distinguish it as a good worker;- what additional skills useful to perform the proposed work, it has;- if the nature of the work involves long working hours, heavy loads, frequent stressful situations, travel, find out if the applicant for such work.
During the interview make notes and references: what to pay attention to additionally that you will need to check. Pay attention to the following points:- how well and fluently the source. Inarticulate people – not a good candidate for the position of lawyer, because the oratory in this profession often plays the role of "shield and sword";- how knowledgeable is the source. An experienced lawyer is not so much the theorist, how many practices, knowing how to implement the "inconvenient" the rule of law to their advantage;- in which areas of law the applicant is represented by a professional. A good lawyer usually has a solid base of General knowledge, but specializiruetsya 1-2 selected areas;- how the applicant is competent and knows how to be official documents;- whether neat, attentive to detail companion;- whether he is inclined to double-check important information in the original sources;- how authoritative does the applicant, how he is self-confident and persuasive;- what salary he expects.
If you doubt the ability of the applicant, give it a test: ask them to solve a specific legal problem (situation), with or alleged in your organization. If necessary, ask the applicant, who from former employers can give him a good recommendation. Write down the contact numbers of previous managers of the applicant.
During the interview the employer not only studies the candidate for the position, but the applicant, in turn, wants to find out about possible conditions. Tell him the basic characteristics of the company, outline the duties, name the amount of the expected wages. At the end of the interview find out if still the applicant desire to seek employment in your company and promise to contact him to tell about the results of the interview.