You will need
  • — the password of your account Vkontakte
  • — access to email — access to phone number attached to the account
Use the procedure to restore access. The corresponding function will be available after the first incorrect log in credentials. The recovery procedure of login is only enabled if the user has retained access to e-mail or phone number provided during the registration process. If this is failed, proceed to the next step.
Remember all the loginsthat you used to register on other sites. Usually, users despite warnings are using 2-3 login and password for all social networks and mailboxes. Most often, they like each other: have the same root, and are synonyms or modified by using the numeric combinations. According to statistics, most often the logins are created on the basis of momentary name or the name of the account owner, of a significant subject or event important at the time of registration. So, theoretically a forgotten username can be any terms, objects, and events lasting a certain period of time. Try to remember what you were passionate about at the time of registration, what movies are watched, what was said and what was interested.
Pull up in a phone book, appointment book or electronic organizer that was used during your account registration. If you have a habit of making an undated and a chaotic record on any page of the diary, it is useful to examine all records, including notes in the margins. In the future, from this habit it is better to get rid of.
Enter in the field "Login" your phone number, if you have registered your account in the second half of 2010 at the invitation of one of the members"Vkontakte". In this case, the user has the right to choose a login, which is a phone number. It is important to remember that when the set is used the code set — that means the number "8" corresponds to the full spelling of the country code "+7".