You will need
  • check "Vkontakte".
ID is a special ID number that is assigned to each user of "Vkontakte". It is possible to easily regain access to his page.
To return your account by using ID number go to restore access to the address and select the bottom item "click here". Then you will be prompted to enter the number of your page, which is desirable to remember in advance and fill out a form, putting it in your phone, e-mail address and some other data. If opened in the next window, your profile, go to him.
If there are no problems, but you don't want to use to log in to your account username and password, you can simply indicate your identification number – ID. In your browser address bar enter the following combination and without a space add it to your room. You should get the address:ХХХХХХ where XXXXXX is your ID. Now you can safely go to your page and to continue the dialogue with friends.
Knowing someone else's ID, you can also visit the accounts of strangers. Mode of action - as when entering your page "Vkontakte". Add user ID and you are his "guest".
To know user id, you need to go to his page and take a look at the address in the status bar of your browser. The number located after the letters id will be required identification number.