This is a more complicated case recover, because in this case you will have to bring some proof that you are hacking someone else's account and trying to regain access to your.

So, we begin to restore access as you would access the phone were that is go to the website of the social network, click the "Forgot password?" and follow the instructions of the system.

If for any reason you do not have access to the phone you used when you created your account, then input the confirmation code click on link preceded by the words: "If you have no access number or code does not come, try clicking here."

If you entered the confirmation code, the system will prompt you to enter a new password. If you have used the link below fields enter the confirmation code, the system asks for the old phone number and available to you today's number. Field Old E-mail page" should contain your email address. The field "Old password" can be left blank. Click "Send application".

The system tells us that the introduction of the old password will speed up the recovery procedure. You can ignore this message and fill out the extended application by clicking on the link "click here". Then we will be prompted to enter additional data such as "Country of registration", "registration Year", in the "Your review" you need to specify when and how you lost the ability to use a previously specified telephone number. Your next step is to upload the image of any document proving your identity, i.e. with a photo and name.. And the last action should be to download you have made a selfie (photo) in the background of your computer screen with this page "Vkontakte". After all the above click "Send application".

After all the steps above, you will be restoring access to your profile, if it is really yours.