Advice 1: How to find your page Vkontakte

Reasons that difficult to find your page "Vkontakte", but rather to access it, there may be several. Could you forget the username and password, the page could be hacked or it was blocked by the administration user complaints. Whatever the reason, you can regain access to your profile on the site "Vkontakte".
How to find your page Vkontakte
You will need
  • - computer/phone with Internet access;
  • phone specified at registration in the social network number.
Visit restore access to your account via Here you need to enter your data: email address, phone number, which is tied to a page or login. Next you will see a window with code (captcha) to be entered in the designated field. If everything is entered correctly, you will open a page which you need to restore. You will learn it for personal photos, names and other data. If it's your page, click on the button "Yes, this is the right page".
If you do not remember your email address or username, you can recover access to his account at his address. On the same page, locate the words "If You don't remember any data at all, try clicking here." The phrase "Click here" and will need a hyperlink.
Enter the address of a page, which opens a window where the top will show which account restored access. Below, you will be prompted to fill in a short survey form. Specify the old and currently available phone numbers, email address and other information which have.
If found, the page you have request does not match, right, about, pictures, find the words "If this is not the page to which you want to restore access, click here". Click with the left mouse button on the portion of text that is a link. You will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to enter the phone number which was tied to your account "Vkontakte". In a few minutes on the telephone number you will receive SMS with code which must be specified in this window. Then you will be prompted to enter the username and new password. Later, they will be duplicated in the message on your mobile number.
Next, go to the main page of the site ( and enter new data. Now you can continue to stay in touch.
Do not share any login or password. Don't walk on unknown links, even if they are obtained from close friends or relatives – their accounts could be hacked. And periodically change the secret information.

Advice 2: How to unlock the page Vkontakte

To unlock the page Vkontakte, you need to know the reason for blocking. Usually one of two locks: - lock the account or IP blocking by the moderator of the network;- account suspension virus.
How to unlock the page Vkontakte
You will need
  • To unlock the page will need a computer, access the Internet and a small knowledge of computer specifics.
If the page is locked by a moderator, you should write him a letter asking to clarify the reason for the blocking and ask to unlock the account. Must respond within one month. No response has been received write again. If the response has not been received - wait no more follows page no unlocks. You can try the second method.
If the page is blocked by IP, just to change it. One IP is dynamic - no problem. If static IP, you have to use special programs anonymizers. Service program to change IP to any selected.
If the account is blocked by the virus, the situation is more complicated. The course of action will be like this: enter IP address of on a page, enter your username and password and go to your page (works in 90% of cases, if not blocked IP).
Remove a virus that blocks access to Myspace. From the computer navigate to the installation directory of the disk C/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc. Select the file "hosts". If the file is hidden, then in the settings folder, you must mark the option "Show hidden files and folders". Using Notepad, open the file "hosts". In the opened document, remove all the entries located under the line " localhost". Next, check the startup programs: start – Run – write in the line "msconfig" - OK, go to system configuration, then in startup. Better yet, all the programs from startup remove. Restart your computer and scan the system for viruses.
If the method of paragraph 4 does not help - re-open the file "hosts" and see, edited or not. If the revision is not saved, you will have to edit again and in the file properties uncheck "read-only".
If you do not help step 5 - try to do the same manipulation as in step 4, when you boot operating system in safe mode.
The most extreme case – recover the operating system using a restore point or reinstalling it.
When you lock a page Vkontakte virus in most cases show a banner containing the notification of the need to send SMS to unlock the access. Never send this kind of messages. This is a deception, for which, strictly speaking, is meant a virus. By sending an SMS, you will lose time, money and good mood, and the result never get.

Advice 3: How to restore a page Vkontakte

Can't go to your page Vkontakte? Carefully check the spelling of username or password. If all data is correct, most likely you got hacked. Or page was blocked by the website administration. In this case, instead of the main photo displayed a rather ugly "face". Don't despair: all is not lost. The page can be restored.
How to restore a page Vkontakte
You will need
  • - computer (or phone) with Internet access;
  • phone with number, which was specified when registering on the website,
  • - your login page.
  • - the new password.
To start, you need to go to the page of the website at: http//vkonakte.EN/restore. Here you will be required to enter your data: e-mail address, username or the phone number attached to the page. If you all are correct in front of you in a small "window" will open the image code, that further work must be entered in the empty field. Be careful! Make no mistake! Enter the code as it appears. If letters and numbers are entered correctly, you will see the page which you need to recover. To "know" it can be a personal photo, name, surname and place of residence. If what you see your data, feel free to click on the window that says "Yes, this is the right page".
If you do not remember your username or "name" of the box, take the opportunity to restore access to the page by its address. For this page select the bottom link that says "click here".
You will see the page to which you want to restore access. Here, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire form where you must provide a phone number (old and available), e-mail and other data.
If found, the page does not match the desired query, click to the right of the page, around pictures, a window that says "If this is not the page to which you want to restore access, click here". Click on selected link and go to where you'll be asked to enter the phone number that you assigned to your page. Within a few minutes by phone will receive sms-message with the code. You will have to indicate in the next window. Then you will be prompted to enter the username and new password. Them later duplicate message to your phone number.
After surgery go to the home page and enter the updated data – login and password. Everything is ready. Now you can "meet" and at full chat in your favorite Vkontakte.
Don't send your this to log on to the website.

Do not go on the network on unknown links.

From time to time change your username and password.
Useful advice
At the time of registration on the website or on the restore page access include accurate data, so you do not make mistakes. Or duplicate them, creating the separate document or writing them in a notebook.

Advice 4: How to know who visited your Facebook page

To date, the social network Vkontakte is very popular. Millions of people communicate with it, post information about yourself, make friends. It is interesting to knowwho is on your page and who are you interested in?
How to know who visited your Facebook page
To be aware of who has visited your page Vkontakte, install the app called "My fans and my guests." Go to your profile and select the option "Applications", which is located to the left of your profile. Enter the app name in the resulting search graph, locate it in the list and click on it.
You should see a window "Install application". Put optional checkbox at the bottom next to "allow app to send me notifications", then click "Install". Wait until the download (you can follow her at the bottom of the window). If after installation any advertisement asking you to install another app, you can safely close it.
Open the app, select "My fans". Can view the rating of virtual friends to visit the page for all time of stay in the service Vkontakte, three months and one month. You can also view the visitors of your page all together or separately for men and women.
And in order to know which unauthorized users have you had on the page, hit the top of the application window "My guests". Below you will see how the analysis. If the day someone people visited your page Vkontakte, their avatars will appear in the app and by clicking on the image, you can view their profile.
If the avatars are not displayed, click the option at the bottom to "Catch more guests." You should see a window with the offer to place it on the wall and in the news record. Next, click "Add" and enter the code below.
If no one appeared after this operation, it means that on this day your page no one visited. Do not worry, because you can watch visit for other days. For this application next to the date click on "a Day ago". The program will show you who was visiting your page Vkontakte.

Advice 5: How to remove your page from Facebook

If you are tired of useless to spend time, sitting for hours in "Vkontakte", and you want to remove your profile from the social network, to do this is quite simple: developers of the site have provided this option.
How to remove your page from Facebook

Resorted to what users "Vkontakte"

A few years ago to remove his page in social network "Vkontakte" was not possible. What tricks were not users of the site, to finally say goodbye to him and to remove all your data. Some were engaged in the publication of obscene materials, pictures, and videos, the other to carry out spamming, various kinds of insults. And all only to the administration of the site figured out, blocked the controversial user and fully removed from the site his profile. Also on the forums among the recommendations on work with "Vkontakte" could be found, advised to find on the website page author and Creator of this social project of Pavel Durov and begin to send him messages with swearing. Such unlawful method "experts" have explained so: in this case, he will find you and remove your page.

Also, one of the ways of "throwing" page of the website has long been handling support in the "Help" section, where it was proposed to write a problem report.

As one of the more valid and reliable versions of the release pages from the site for a long time was the complete removal from it of all the information available together with all the records on the wall, messages, photos, audio and video, friends, applications. In this case, the page would be deleted after a month. But as soon as the user during this period to look at your page, as the removal process was suspended and postponed for another month.

To remove easier

Currently, users of social network "Vkontakte" it became much easier. They do not have to resort to such radical methods as earlier, because now was only enough to make a few simple manipulations. To do this, go to your profile "Vkontakte". In the left part of the page next to the avatorki, find a list of all available to users of the website sections. Find a link "My settings" and click on it to navigate to a new window. Scroll down the page and click delete page from the site. In the opened window specify the reason why you are going to leave the site, noting one of the suggested points, or putting your own version. After that, you just have to click "Delete page" and go to a new window stating that your information on the website is missing.

You can tell your friends that you deleted your page by ticking the appropriate item in the window where you specified the reason say goodbye to the site "Vkontakte".

Advice 6: How to restore a page on facebook without going through the verification photo

If your Facebook account was hacked or you forgot your password and can't log in to your profile, don't worry – you can always restore access following a few simple steps.
How to restore access to Facebook
If you have forgotten your password or user name, or someone managed to hack your account and change the password, there are several ways to restore the account, in addition to recognition on the photo.

How to do it?

First, you need to find your account. For this step you can use the e-mail address or your phone number. After you successfully managed to identify your account, you will be redirected to the password reset page.

Before proceeding with the restoration of access, please check if this is really your page.

If everything is OK, check the contact details that you will have to be requested, then click reset password. After that, a verification code will be sent to you email address or phone number. Enter the confirmation code in the appropriate box on the website and you will be able to regain control of their account.

If you manage to access your account, and if you suspect your account was hacked, immediately change your password and update contact information. Make sure to remove all email addresses or phone numbers that you indicated, or for which today you do not have access.

If registration data is unavailable

Sometimes it is not possible to restore your page in Facebook, using the methods described above. For example, if you do not have access to e-mail or phone number you used when registering. In that case, Facebook allows you to specify a new email address that the administration will use to contact you.

To begin this process, click on the appropriate link in the lower right corner on the page "password Recovery". You will be given the opportunity to answer the security question and reset the password on the spot.
After you answer the secret question, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can access your account. This option is provided as additional precautionary measures.

Help friends

If you can't answer the security question, Facebook gives you the opportunity to choose a few trusted friends that can help you to recover your account. The friends you selected will receive a code from Facebook. After you have collected all codes from your friends, you can present them to the administration of the social network, and reset the password.
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