You will need
  • - computer (or phone) with Internet access;
  • phone with number, which was specified when registering on the website,
  • - your login page.
  • - the new password.
To start, you need to go to the page of the website at: http//vkonakte.EN/restore. Here you will be required to enter your data: e-mail address, username or the phone number attached to the page. If you all are correct in front of you in a small "window" will open the image code, that further work must be entered in the empty field. Be careful! Make no mistake! Enter the code as it appears. If letters and numbers are entered correctly, you will see the page which you need to recover. To "know" it can be a personal photo, name, surname and place of residence. If what you see your data, feel free to click on the window that says "Yes, this is the right page".
If you do not remember your username or "name" of the box, take the opportunity to restore access to the page by its address. For this page select the bottom link that says "click here".
You will see the page to which you want to restore access. Here, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire form where you must provide a phone number (old and available), e-mail and other data.
If found, the page does not match the desired query, click to the right of the page, around pictures, a window that says "If this is not the page to which you want to restore access, click here". Click on selected link and go to where you'll be asked to enter the phone number that you assigned to your page. Within a few minutes by phone will receive sms-message with the code. You will have to indicate in the next window. Then you will be prompted to enter the username and new password. Them later duplicate message to your phone number.
After surgery go to the home page and enter the updated data – login and password. Everything is ready. Now you can "meet" and at full chat in your favorite Vkontakte.