You will need
  • To choose a username and password.
Some experts recommend school email address, which suggests that it is advisable to get several e-boxes (e-mail). Why? This can be explained by those who are just writing you for a certain box. For example, one drawer for friends and family, another for work, a third for the registration in different social networks and thematic forums.
When choosing a usernamefor your new email, you should pay attention to its sound. The simpler and more original will be your login, so you will be easier to remember. Most of the users give preference to their year of birth, attributing it at the end of the login. For example, pravda72 or false84. Someone selects login from the words associated with some event, holiday, favourite band, favourite person. Variations can be many. At the moment usernames are longer than it was a few years ago. Because the number of users increasing day by day. It is essential to maintain the username and password in a safe place, preferably written down on paper.
When choosing your password, be careful. The password must be constructed as follows:
- the contents of at least 6-8 characters long.
- the content of a wide spectrum of characters (Latin, digits, punctuation);
- the contents of the password must match the username;
- the password should not show someone's birth date, any name other known names (hack e-mail with this password the easiest way).