During his stay on the Internet each student has a unique story. It consists of announcements and messages posted under his own name, and accounts on various sites and portals. From superfluous and irrelevant information of this kind it is better to get rid of by elementary considerations of information security. Another case is when there is a need to remember whether you already have an account on the specific website, not to register again.
To find out your account record, you can start with Internet search for your own nick. Enter into a search engine, the pseudonym most often used in the registrations. In the results you will see links to almost all sites where the account of such a user was active. In the future more not to lose this information, you can add all the web address into a special folder on the bookmarks bar.
To learn or to remember whether you have an account on a specific website, use the password recovery option. Without entering data in the "sign in" section, click on the link "Remind password". In the box that appears, enter the email address which you normally use for registrations. If you already have an account on this resource, you will see a system message that indicated the box was sent the data for password recovery. Please check your email and follow the instructions contained in the email.
In the future, not had any problems with updating information about existing accounts, create a special file and storing the data about all new registrations. In this case, you will be very easy to clarify information, simply by searching on such an instrument.