You will need
  • Browser and text editor Microsoft Word
To use the simplest way, you need only a browser and editor text. The browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, modern models are able to fit in RAM copied the contents of HTML pages with images, hyperlinks and formatting. Only in Opera not implemented this possibility. So, if your browser is not Mozilla, the first step in the save operation, the textand picture will be his selection on the page and copy it to the memory. To copy any of the browsers you use, will need to press CTRL + C.
Now you need to paste to any textmarketing editor who knows what a hyperlink, HTML formatting and can work with images. Notepad is not suitable for it, but Microsoft Word is. Open this app and paste the contents of RAM to the page of the new document. This can be done using hot keys CTRL + V. of Course, it will not look like the web site, but it's still textmarketing editor, not the browser. In any case, the text and pictures you now have, and, if necessary, you can edit using Word.
Left to save the document with the desired name in the most appropriate place. To start the dialogue, save the document just press CTRL + S.
If you use only Opera browser or if you need to save the text with the picture exactly in the form in which they are present on the page, then you can use a different method. Each browser (including Opera) can save the page received from the server. For this you have to choose in the menu of your Internet browser command "Save as" and in the list of save options, select the "text with images". In this case, on your computer, in a file with extension htm or html it will occupy the whole page completely. You can open it in the text ofthe my Word and continue to use at your discretion.