Try to allocate on the page not just the text that you need, but all of its contents. Sometimes the Creator of Ctrl + A to select all text, then use Ctrl + C to put the selection to the clipboard. Please note - allocations and copying you don't have to use the mouse and context menu opened by clicking with the right button. Then switch to any text editor, paste the contents of the clipboard (Ctrl + V) and edit it, leaving only the text that you find interesting.
Open the source code of the page and look for it in the desired part of the text, if the previous method does not give results. This can be done through the browser menu or by clicking the page with the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate item in the context menu. "Hot keys" that correspond to this command: Ctrl + U. after Opening the source file, activate the search dialog (Ctrl + F or Ctrl + H) and enter the phrase that starts you are interested in a piece of text. Found in the source code text may need to clean HTML tags.
Save the page, and then open its source code, if this is described in the previous step way does not work. A dialog for saving the current page by pressing Ctrl + S. In this dialog, you can in the "file Type" select "Text file" - in this case will not have to deal with the removal of HTML tags from the text of saved pages.
Use any program for text recognition, if no other methods don't work. The most common on the Russian space program Abbyy Fine Reader. This application takes as input an image containing the labels, and output them in text format. Make the page containing the desired text, copying to the clipboard the image of the screen using the Print Screen key, and then saving it to a file of a text format using any graphics editor.