You will need
  • Foxit PhantomPDF, Microsoft Office Word.
If you want the text from a document in pdf format save document in one of the textoriented formats (txt, doc, rtf, etc.), use, for example, Foxit PhantomPDF. Run the application and open the source document - the corresponding dialog is invoked by selecting the tab "File" of menu item "Open" or press Ctrl + O. If this application is specified in your OS as the default program for working with pdf files, the operation to start the application and download the file, you can combine it with a double click on this file.
To save the open pdf document in a simple textformat my the - txt - no manipulation by the text of theom is not required, you can go directly to the save operation. Press Ctrl + Shift + S or select the "File" menu of the application the string "Save as". In the field "file Type" dialog, select the TXT files. In placed below the fields specify the range of pages of the original document that needs to be saved - you have a choice of three options. Then click "Save" and the pdftext will be written in txt-format.
If necessary, the text of the original document opened in the editor Foxit can be transferred, for example, in the textof the new processor is Microsoft Office Word. Press Alt + 9 or click the icon with the page image in the glasses, and the document will be presented in the text, the my format. Select the fragment or the whole text (Ctrl + A), copy selection (Ctrl + C), switch to the Word window and paste the text (Ctrl + V).
C reverse operation - save the textin a pdf document Microsoft Word can cope on their own. To do this, type the desired text in Word or open a document, and then call the save dialog - select "Save as" in the application menu. In the drop-down list of "file Type" select the laconic inscription: - PDF(*.pdf). After that, the dialogue will be additional configuration settings that can be changed, but it is better to leave the default settings. Click "Save" and the text will be written in pdf-format.