Use the clipboard of the operating system for transferring the contents of the document in another editor (such as Microsoft Word or Notepad) if the file is not copy-protected. For this you can select all text with Ctrl + A or using the mouse, then copy with Ctrl + C. Switch to the desired editor and paste the copied text with Ctrl + V.
Save the document in text format by opening the corresponding dialog hot keys Ctrl + Shift + S. Set the field "file Type" the required format, such as TXT or DOC. Note the image in the text, if any. Make sure that when you insert into a document they're in the right place.
On that computer, install a special editor that read, create, edit and convert PDF files, for example Foxit PhantomPDF. Download and install the application on your hard drive, and then run it. Now you can open the corresponding file and choose the operation of his conversion to Microsoft Word format.
Run-time conversion of a single document, if the need for such operations occurs quite rarely. You can do this online without installing any additional software. For example, free convert file allows service PDF2Word. Opening the page, select Convert File. In the dialog that appears, select the desired pdf file on your computer, select it and click "Open". Then, using the automatic script the document will be uploaded to the server and after some time will appear on the page in the box that reads Word file. Clicking on it, you start Microsoft Word, and it will be copied automatically taken from the pdf text.