As soon as you become aware that your passport was stolen, try to reconstruct the chain of events and remember where exactly you could lose your passport. There are cases when the owner found his loss.Write a statement to the local body of internal Affairs. In the statement, specify the circumstances under which you lost the passport. Your application will be processed and after verification will issue a temporary identity card and registration slip of the incident. If you have kept copy of lost passport or any other documents that establish your identity (this is especially true if the loss of passport occurred in another city) – driver's license, military ID, passport, employment history, etc., these documents will help law enforcement officers quickly validate your information and issue you a certificate.Received in the ATS pass, and help, contact the office of the FMS at the place of residence or registration. Write a statement about the loss and request for issuance of a passport, pay the state fee.In order for your passport was issued properly and it was marked with all marks – about marriage, about having kids – you need to provide additional documents (certificate of marriage, birth certificate, etc.). A complete list of documents please refer to your local office of the FMS. With the loss of a passport in another country, to apply to the local law enforcement office and get a certificate of registration of the incident. Then go to the Russian Consulate with your hands the documents required to prove your identity. Or bring witnesses (with Russian passportsmi), who will certify your data. After verification, which can take from several days to several weeks, you will be given a "Certificate of entry into the Russian Federation within 15 days you have to return to Russia and go through the procedure of obtaining passport.Depending on circumstances you will be fined for improper storage of a passport.