As soon as you discovered the loss of the civil passport ofthe Russian Federation, immediately begin his recovery. So you can avoid many problems in the future. First write a statement about the replacement passport. Such papers should fill you. After this statement shall be certified by a public servant who is authorized to conduct this procedure.
Now you pay the state duty, will receive the corresponding receipt. Mandatory document to restore the lost passportis also a ticket-notification about registration of your application. This paper get into the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Next, you write a statement about the loss of civilian passport. This includes all information about how it happened (date, circumstances, etc.).
Please note that the passportcould contain a large number of other various marks. In order that you could restore them, show the birth certificate of children (if they have not reached 14-summer age), military ID, registration at the place of residence, certificate of registration or of dissolution of marriage.
Among other things, to recover a lost passportand prepare 4 pictures taken from the front. The image size is 35 by 45 mm. If you normally wear glasses, take pictures in them.
The registration fee is 500 rubles. As for the timing, there are two situations:
If the previous document was issued in the unit at the place of residence, his recovery will take up to 10 days. Counting from the date of adoption of all collected documents.
If you lost the passport you are going to recover in any other division, it will take more time – up to 2 months.