You will need
  • the application for issuance (replacement) of a passport in the form 1P, receipt about payment of state duty, the statement of loss of passport, the ticket-registration notification of accidents 4 photos
Please contact your nearest police station. Briefly and clearly state the details of the loss of the document. Write the corresponding statement. You should bear in mind that if you report the theft of passports, the trial could take several months. If you claim the loss - fact-checking will last from two to four weeks.
Get a ticket notification confirming your appeal to the police.
Contact the nearest passport office. Get there a temporary ID card. You have the right to obtain this identity in any passport office in the city, but to his place of temporary registration will be much easier. To identify the passport office to which you applied, remote contact services in your city.
To request an extract from the registration card housing, with the place of your permanent registration. On the basis of the provisional ID, the passport office will remotely request and receive this information.
Pay a fine for the loss of your passport to the nearest Bank.
Take a picture. You will need four photos 35x45 mm.
Prepare a standard set of documents for obtaining a passport.
Wait for confirmation of completion of verification of loss of your passport.
Collect each part of your paper in the folder and contact the Department of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with the statement for issue of a new passport.