You will need
  • - 2 personal photos;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - a statement.
You need a temporary document replacing the passport, to carry out actions that require ID. The card is issued at your request by an employee of the Department responsible for acceptance of documents in accordance with paragraph 41 of the Order FMS of Russia from December, 7th, 2009 № 339. A temporary certificate is issued in form No. 2P (Annex № 2 to Administrative regulations) and registered in the register provisional certificates of the citizen of the Russian Federation according to form No. 3P (Annex No. 3 to Administrative regulations). Temporary identity card is a document of limited validity. Is issued for one month, if necessary, be extended for the same period of the designated official.
To obtain a temporary identity you must provide two photographs of size 35x45 mm, a birth certificate and a statement requesting the issuance of your temporary license.
When writing the statement, complete the following personal data: full name of the citizen, date of birth, place of birth, signature, address of the place of residence (place of stay). In the interim certificate shall contain information: who issued the certificate and specify the reasons for the issuance, also indicates the validity of the document, put the signature of the head of the unit, be sure to put print.
Due to the fact that a temporary ID is easy to fake, the police during the search of the documents can keep you and deliver to the Department for authentication of the temporary identities. To avoid this unpleasant situation, try to always have with them other documents, which also includes your photo – student card, pension certificate, official identity card or driver's license.
A temporary ID will be required when necessary to recover lost or stolen documents. This certificate will allow you to obtain remittances through the mail.