You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - two black-and-white or color photographs;
  • - the documents confirming citizenship of the Russian Federation (if you need proof of citizenship);
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Within 30 days from the date of loss of passport , please contact the office of the Federal migration service with a request for reinstatement of passport that you can fill by hand or on the computer. In it specify the address of the last residence and the date of its execution, and why recovery passport. If you will not be able to fill it, you will help researcher in the division of the FMS, who took the documents. He also will notarize your signature.
In the event of theft of the passport be sure to send a similar statement to the local internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and give the police information about the incident. Be sure to include the place, time theft, and other circumstances necessary in the case. Information provided by you will be checked in databases of operational information and investigative accounting.
Employees of the passport Department of the police, to which you have applied, will have to make a request to the district police Department of that city, in which you have permanent registration, to get all the information about you.
A temporary ID will be issued to you by the staff of the FMS unit on the day of receipt of all documents. For this you will need one photo and receipt of payment of the amount for the form ID.
Take the Department of the FMS account details and pay the state duty in savings Bank. Recovery passport will be made within two months from the day of receipt of all documents.
Remember that the individual may appeal the action or inaction of the authorized persons in pre-trial and in court. The refusal of the Federal migration service in the recovery of the passport is illegal and contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.