You will need
  • - a solution of dimexide;
  • - ointment "Diclofenac", "Fastum gel", "first days without";
  • - grass shepherd's purse.
The initial stage of local treatment (regardless of the root causes inflammation of the tendon) is immobilization. Minimize the load on the affected limb, if inflammation of the tendon is acute – provide hand or foot at rest.
When inflammation of the Achilles tendon are very fundamental for a complete cure is change of lifestyle. Move as little as possible and the period of treatment to refrain from any sports, because otherwise, you may need surgery, after which the leg movement will be limited throughout your life. Moreover when inflammation of the Achilles tendon is often assigned the use of a special corsage that is worn on the foot before bedtime and ensures its fixation at a right angle to the tibia. If serious enough inflammation this corsage can be worn in the daytime – in this case, it will have to move on crutches.
You need therapy and anti-inflammatory directions. For example, the prescription of a doctor it can be an introduction to the smitten structure of injections of corticosteroids or applying to the affected area compresses on the basis of a 30-50% solution Dimexidum. Can locally use anti-inflammatory creams of the type "Diclofenac or "Fastum gel , or it may be "first days without .
When pain syndrome will be less pronounced, are assigned to the various treatments. Depending on the localization of disease and appropriate requirements can be applied laser therapy or magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, and mud packs, a course of massages with the development of joint mobility, therapeutic exercise, warm up.
As a Supplement you can use folk medicine and a vitamin. It is desirable to regularly consume food, which increased the content of B vitamins and antioxidants. With regard to folk medicine, it offers many different methods of treatment of inflammation. For example, can be applied to the affected area compress soaked in the infusion of herbs shepherd's purse.