Causes inflammation of the tendons

The disease can occur at almost any age and encompass other tissues and joints. Knee joints are the most common affected area. The main causes of the inflammatory process are:
- injuries from excessive physical exertion;
- incorrect posture;
- the weakening of the tendons;
- associated diseases (gout, arthritis).

Effective treatment of tendonitis

After the detection of the disease should immediately begin treatment of inflammation, as it reduces motor function. In combination with medication should be excluded great exercise and provide the affected area a rest. It can be achieved by splinting, brace and selection of special orthopedic shoes.

For effective restoration of the patient's knee joint prescribed physiotherapy: shock-wave, ultraviolet, magnetic, and laser therapy. Such manipulations allow in the short term reduce inflammation, eliminate pain and restore motion of the joint. In chronic forms, it is recommended to apply a mud-and paraffin pack and carry out electrophoresis.

Therapeutic exercise is carried out only after removal of acute pain. It is necessary for the tendon and surrounding tissues and muscles become more elastic and strong. In the complex you can take a course of massage to improve circulation in the affected areas.

In the formation of ulcers required hiding content with scrubbing. Only in this case, the inflammation passes without serious complications. In the case of deformation or rupture of the tendons shall be appointed surgery. After that we need to completely eliminate physical activity for 3-4 months.

Help to improve the human condition in the inflammation of the tendons and traditional medicines:
- ginger extract - 1 tsp ground root per Cup of boiling water;
- the addition of curcumin to various dishes;
nut infusion – glass partitions walnut in 0.5 liters of vodka.

If pain worsens, you must consult the doctor for medical appointments . As a rule, appointed injections of corticosteroids, which effectively relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Specialist oversees the development dynamics of disease and choose the most appropriate .

As preventive measures it is advisable before any training and exercise to do workout, avoid prolonged repetitive movements, rational distribution of work time and rest the knee.