You installed the gas meter in the flat to pay for really consumed your family natural gas? Counters allow you to not pay gas services, paying according to the number of registered tenants of the apartment. The method of how to remove the indications of the counter of gas, will help to avoid ambiguities and trouble during the visit of different controllers.
First, take the readings of the gas meter monthly, on the first day after the previous reporting period. Storing the received data in a special book, on which subsequently will be paying for you consume natural gas.
With readings in classical gas meterx lower "floating" three digits following the decimal point. Write down only the first five digits listed on the counter. Tell get readings in gas service in your city who are subsequently billed for the consumed natural gas.
If you regularly the inspector comes to take the readings of the meter, let him to the place of installation. Compare with the actual readings on your meter with the numbers recorded by the Comptroller in his statement and sign it there, putting its own name.
Second, in addition to regular monitoring of current indicators of the counter gas, calculate monthly gas consumption. Just subtract numbers located on the device up to a point, the readings of the previous month. Thus you get the number of cubic meters of gas consumed over the past month.
You will only have to multiply the number of cubic metres of natural resource at the cost of one unit of account laid down under the tariff for different categories of subscribers.
Removing the indications of the counter of gas, immediately after that report indications of gas service by phone or on the answering machine if there is a possibility that using the personal account on the website.